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I have been dyeing my hair ever since high school when I felt like experimenting with my hair color to be “edgier” (yah, and now I’m a blonde). I even had my own hair dye horror story when my hair was accidentally dyed platinum, platinum (almost white) blonde, which was not a good look for me. Now I usually swing between darker blonde and lighter blonde, with more brown at the top of my head. I recently tried balayage with Lauren of Up & Out Beauty in Hoboken (seriously recommend her!) Because I dye my hair a few times a year, it can easily become dry and damaged because of the heat and chemical exposure. Here are a few of my tips & tricks to keeping your color-treated hair thick, shiny, and healthy!

1. Use Heat-Protectant Spray if using Hot Tools

If you’re going to use hot tools on your hair (straightener, blow dryer, curling iron, etc.) – you absolutely need to keep it protected, especially if you are using hot tools often! Exposing your hair to high temps can cause dry, brittle hair and split ends. This is already a problem for us who use dye, because we expose additional chemicals to our hair that contribute to damage. Choose a heat protectant that provides additional moisture to your hair. Most of my favorites are under $20! I personally have thin hair, so I use Tresemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray ($5.49) which you can find at any drugstore. For specifically color-treated hair, I also like L’Oréal Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray ($6.99). For thicker hair, use Dove Style+Care Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum ($13.50), and for normal hair, use a light-weight spray such as the Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray ($5.99).

IMG_02082. Special Order a Detangling Brush

This is one of the BEST purchases for my hair I have ever invested in. I was sick and tired of ripping out my wet hair trying to de-tangle it, when it is already thin. I decided to take action and browse on Amazon for a de-tangling brush. This brush by Crave Naturals has been a godsend for me. I’m no longer tugging at my hair and accidentally ripping it, letting my hair to grow thicker and stronger each day!

3. At-Home Deep-Conditioning Treatments

This is something you can sneaky make at home – everyone loves a good DIY! An easy deep-conditioning remedy can be made with a few simple ingredients. This fall, I’m definitely going to be trying a deep-conditioning treatment I recently read about – mixing canned pumpkin (one cup puree) with 1-2 tablespoons honey, and applying to your hair for 15 minutes (wrap it up!). Pumpkin is rich in several vitamins – vitamins A, C, beta-carotene, potassium, zinc, etc. And hey, just another reason to indulge in your pumpkin addiction!

IMG_0209laurenn(8of53)4. Use Argan Oil

You can’t bring me into a bluemercury without browsing all of the latest hair styling products, especially Moroccanoil. I use products with argan oil to tame my frizzy hair when it’s humid, add shine, moisturize, and de-tangle! Some of my favorites include the finishing Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine and the Argan Oil of Morocco collection from OGX.

laurenn(14of53)5. Trim Your Hair Regularly

This is something I always feel wary doing because I’m so picky when it comes to my hair length. I always think one inch looks drastically shorter (when in reality, it doesn’t). In hindsight, it’s so important to keep the tips of your hair healthy by occasionally trimming the ends. In the end, this helps your hair grow longer and become stronger!

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  1. Lillian Schaeffer

    These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to use argan oil to keep your hair healthy. I’m going to be dyeing my hair, and I’m worried that it will negatively affect its health. I’ll definitely make sure to use argan oil and other care products to keep it in good condition. Thanks for the great post!


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