Organizing My Closet with Snupps

This summer, I spotted a gorgeous necklace in a local boutique that I knew would be perfect for an upcoming trip to St. Lucia. I mentally put the outfit together and knew it would be an amazing statement piece. Flash forward a few months… I already know myself, and I most likely would completely forget to pack that statement piece, leaving it hidden away in my closet (ugh). Especially living in NYC, I have a tiny closet, and pretty much jam-pack everything into it to keep it from being on the floor. I recently discovered a new app called Snupps, which helps you organize your closet, and anything else you want to keep track of!


The Snupps app allows you to organize items into specific shelves, for example, I have shelves named “My Shoes”, “Style & Outfits”, “In My Jewelry Box”, “Makeup Favorites”, and “For the Sun” to keep track of shoes, statement pieces, jewelry, beauty, and sunglasses.


To add an item to your virtual shelf, you simply need go to your desired shelf, tap the “+” button, snap a picture of the item, add the details, and wha-la! Now, you’ll never lose track of your favorite items again 😉 Want to try it out for yourself? Download the Snupps app and follow me @LaurenMazzei.


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