My New York Fashion Week

“You are glamorous, strong, laid-back, cool and super chic. Be powerful – your beauty is legendary. Have a great show!” – Note written to Gigi Hadid before Michael Kors Feb 2015

New York Fashion Week. Ahhh, in the world of fashion, this defines the beginning of the fall season. This year was my first year truly running around and experiencing it in full. At least, in my eyes, I definitely had a crazy and exhausting experience. It was almost impossible to make it to multiple shows, every event, etc. You have to choose wisely and don’t look back. Because of my work schedule, I dedicated most evenings and much of the weekend to attending Fashion Week events, or just events in general. The city was packed with local and visiting fashion icons. The reason why I noted that quote above ^^^ is because I think it really defines Fashion Week – it’s a time for people to shine; to embrace their passion, their personal style, and not be afraid to break from the societal norm. The city radiates confidence during Fashion Week, and I embraced it with open arms. Watching the creativity of so many different influencers and artists emerge was something that I am thankful I was able to be apart of. I can’t wait for February!

I decided to recap a few of my favorite moments of New York Fashion Week (but certainly not all). Scroll through the slideshow to see my favorites. Did you have any favorite NYFW moments? I would love to hear in the comments!

Brunch with Dunkin' Donuts

Saturday morning, I got to run around with the Dunkin’ Donuts team as we introduced their new Cold Brew to the city! We stumbled upon this #girlboss mural, complete with a portrait of Queen Bey herself. We finished the day with brunch at Lafayette with Dunkin’ Donuts’ Head R&D Chef Heidi Curry.

Skylight at Moynihan Station

Skylight at Moynihan Station was one of the main venues used during Fashion Week, and is located in the historic James A. Farley Post Office next to Penn Station (that’s where I am in this shot). The energy surrounding the venues is unmatched. I loved spending time at the venues!

Auburn Robes x Bluefly

I partnered with Bluefly during NYFW and rocked these circle Ray-Bans which I finally bought after seeing them on many of my favorites.  Now, I’m definitely checking online at Bluefly before buying anything; they sell so many designer brands for A LOT less money.

Image by Laurel Creative x MilkMakeup

Monday night of Fashion Week I attended the x MilkMakeup party at Milk Studios (another NYFW venue) where I got to drink copious amounts of wine & spend time with this babe to the left – Thao of The Way of Thao.

Image via

Elizabeth Kennedy Presentation S/S '17

One of my favorite presentations of the week was the Elizabeth Kennedy S/S ’17 presentation at The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel. The evening wear was intricate and detail-oriented. I’m normally not a sequin girl but this dress gave me life!

Image by Laurel Creative


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