I’m Good, I’m Great

Sometimes you just need an incredibly comfortable dress that hugs you in all the right places to make you feel like a million $$$. I find one every season and I live in it. We all have insecurities – we don’t always feel 100% about ourselves as much as we try, or as much as people ‘think’ we should. Lately, instead of scrutinizing myself, I’m trying to find styles that emphasis my favorite features, like this ASOS dress.

In a world where judgments are made within a few seconds, and picture-perfect images scour the internet, it’s hard to NOT wonder what people think about you. For the past year, I’ve really tried to separate myself from judgments (slowly, but surely, and it’s definitely slow) – very hard when my hobby is putting myself out there for exactly that. I’ve learned that it starts from within – so invest in pieces that make you feel amazing – and we will all learn, together, to be captivated by our inner confidence.

Photos by Laurel Creative

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