Black Top & Skirt Set

My anthem of the summer is definitely the song Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld – if you haven’t heard it yet, you need to asap! I love, love this song, and can 100% relate to its meaning – this song is about how all women are unique, which makes all women fearless and strong.

Essentially, Hailee steps up and says what we all need to hear – it’s okay to do and be what you want; it’s okay to change your body, it’s okay to wear whatever, and it’s okay to be happy, sad, mad, and everything in between. I chose this crop top and skirt from Revolve because it makes me feel like a confident badass. So I challenge you… take an opportunity this summer to go out of your way to do, wear, or say something that makes you feel amazing, because you’re a woman and you damn well deserve to feel remarkable.


Photos by Laurel Creative


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