Hi – I’m Lauren, content creator and owner of this little space!
I’m a recent college graduate of Lehigh University and am working in New York City in digital marketing at Tiffany & Co. I’m one of the lucky few who loves the industry they’re working in, but I love having a little space where I can express myself artistically. Other than that, I’m pretty simple. I love boxing, brunching, and otk boots. I answered a few random questions below – hopefully they give you an idea of who I am.

What made you start your blog?
I started my blog, lauren mazzei, just finishing college and entering the corporate, working world. I wanted a space where I could express my creativity and unwind. The more time I spent by myself, exploring the city by myself, and having experiences I never thought I would have, the more confident I became with trying new things. That new feeling drove me to try new styles and really, simply… just do and write about what makes me feel happy.

Why did you first name your blog Auburn Robes, and then switch?
My first blog name, Auburn Robes, which I had for about a year and a half, was pretty simple. Auburn is associated with my favorite color – I love shades of red. Robes is a just a different take on fashion – it reminds me of a fraternity or a secret society, and I just liked how mysterious the two words sounded together. If you notice throughout my blog and Insta, my color scheme revolves around the color auburn and its warm undertones. I decided to change my blog name to just reflect my personal brand in February 2017. I found that most marketing opportunities that arose from my blog were based off of my Instagram and social media channels, which are simply my name.

What inspires you to keep blogging?
My career is focused around the adaption of technology. The reason why my career thrives is because of the ever-growing need to improve… improve software performance, usability, and aesthetics. I think with everything I enjoy both professionally and personally, it needs to be adaptable to the times for me to fully commit. It needs to be able to change and improve. I love my blog because it’s always growing, just as I’m growing as a person. I can turn it into whatever outlet I want it to be at any time – and that’s what I love about it. Right now, it’s a space to show and develop my personal style, but in the future it could be anything!

If your style had a name, what would it be called?
Honestly, I have no clue. I try to stay in the same niche, “oh I’ll only wear black or gray, etc.”, but I always fail and just go for whatever interests me at the time. I get a lot of inspiration from my favorite celeb street style – Kendall, Gigi, Selena, Jamie Chung, Olivia Palermo, and Emily Ratajkowski. I’m definitely more laid-back, and tend to stick to black, grays, and warm shades.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start a blog?
Honestly, launching a blog isn’t too difficult – there are tons of sites where you can sign up for free and write or blog away! What made it difficult for me was wanting to really formulate a personal brand that I was happy with – for both myself and for others to see. I actually ended up blogging for a few months, realizing that Auburn Robes wasn’t headed in the direction that I was personally growing in, and decided to rebrand. I wanted my personal brand to represent myself the way I saw myself and the way I wanted to grow as a person. It took me a few months to invest in a redesign and as of late, I’ve really been committed to consistent blogging, and I’m finally happy in the direction that my blog is headed. My advice to new bloggers would be to define your goals first – you might be blogging leisurely, or you might want it to blossom into a career. No matter what your goals may be, define them and where you see your blog headed. Once you have a defined direction, it will be easier to shape your thoughts and posts around your vision.

Thanks for reading, it means so much to me. Xo Lauren

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